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Lybera Fuchsia Edition
In addition to offering a more colourful, brighter alternative, the new version gives a psychological bonus because it attenuates any discomfort some women may feel when seeing blood. The reliability of the “Lybera – Universo Donna” line is confirmed by the company’s choice to focus only and exclusively on the use of medical grade coloured silicone.

Eliminates the possibility of the proliferation of germs and bacteria because it avoids the contact of blood with the vaginal walls. Respects bacterial flora whilst keeping the vaginal pH unaltered; does not cause dryness. By creating a sort of vacuum effect, it also avoids any embarrassment caused by possible unpleasant odours created during the cycle.

Lybera is environmentally-friendly. It reduces the consumption of packaging and the dispersion into the environment of sanitary towels, paper and plastic.

A woman uses an average of 12,000 sanitary towels during her life. Lybera may be used for many years: savings are therefore guaranteed!

Easy to insert. It adapts perfectly to the vaginal walls, making it so comfortable you will forget you are wearing it. Perfect for sport, including water sports! Ideal for use by day or night.

Lybera is produced using non-allergenic medical silicone certified in accordance with EU regulations.
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