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MAMICUP is the most up-to-date solution to make your period nicer, easy and comfortable.

The one and only menstrual cup 100% made in Italy: why looking somewhere else?

You insert it like a tampon, but it is washable and reusable for 10 years.
Great saving and no more rubbish: the environment will be thankful!

It is easy to insert and remove: you will only need a little practice and it will soon become your best friend.

It collects your flow and makes you feel dry and comfortable for 8 hours. You can do all sports and swim carefree!

It is made of 100% certified medical grade soft silicone: hypoallergenic (suitable for the most sensible women) and hygienic (no bacteria will stick on its smooth surface).

Why call it simply "menstrual cup"? From now on, call it Mamicup.

Choose to period nicer make your

"Made in Italy" means:
  • excellent quality with UNI EN ISO 9001 certification
  • severe production and safe rules

Mamicup is the first menstrual cup entirely made in Italy: designed and drawn by an Italian woman for other women.

It is bell-shaped and you insert it in your vagina, after having folded it, much lower than a tampon.

It is made of certified medical grade soft platinic silicone.

It collects your menstrual blood naturally and hygienically and helps avoiding irritations, allergies and inconveniences. Every 4 to 8 hours you remove, empty, rinse and reinsert it. Month after month, for several years.

It is modern, safe, ecological, economical and makes your period nicer! Suitable also for the night and for sports, swimming and travel.
Easy to use and clean.

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Size L looks too big. I have no children. Should I buy size M?
I am 29 and never had children. Which size should I order?
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Which size should I buy?
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Size and capacity of Mami cup ?
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