Feminine Hygiene
Dental Hygiene
Feminine Hygiene
represents a major advance in pain treatment and in the protection of wounds and sutures following lacerations, episiotomy, haemorrhoids, nymphoplasty etc.

Patented medical device
Claricare™ is a flexible shell for the comfort and protection of intimate areas, made of biocompatible medical-grade silicone. Its ergonomic design creates a space between wounds and sutures and seating surfaces (chairs, armchair, sofa, bed etc.).

"With Claricare™, I can now sit down without my clothes rubbing against my sutures in intimate areas".

One size fits all
Claricare™ is suitable for all types of feminine morphology.

Microwavable sterilization box
Claricare™ comes in its own carrying box. The box enables it to be cleaned and sterilized in the microwave.

With Claricare™, why can I now sit down even though I have wounds and/or sutures in intimate areas?
When is Claricare™ indicated?
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